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Buff Review Show: Nintend-Nooooooooo! =/

IANFCheck out my quick news post on, just rounding up a couple of news stories from Nintendo!

Haven’t gotten my hands on Kirby’s latest Wii title yet, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, but once I get through my current backlog, I’m gonna give it a whirl!

The news post also contains my blatherings on The Last Story for anyone who hasn’t heard me whine about that game enough recently.


Buff Review Show’s Star Spangled Banter- New Trailer Time!

It isn’t often I get too excited about Superhero movies, particularly not anything tied into the mass of Avenger films. However I will make exception for Captain America, because A) It is the last thread to be put into place ahead of next year, hopefully, and B) Hugo Weaving is in it leading a pack of Cyber-Nazis.

Hugo BLOODY Weaving! It’s about time he returned to the fray, and why not as the baddie in this?

Anyway, here’s the newest trailer, which came out a couple of days ago!

Buff Review Show: Vroom. Boom. Vroom. Zoom. Vroom etc.

It was semi-announced not long after the release of Fast Five/Fa5t/Fast and Furious- Rio Whatever We’re Gonna Call IANFIt Now, but now Universal Pictures have confirmed the release of Fast 6 in 2013, with a tentative release scheduled for late June.

This is no surprise whatsoever. The release of Fast 5 in the US Box Office was the equivalent of releasing an edition of Call of Duty that comes complete with a controller made of breasts. The film gave Universal Pictures it’s biggest opening weekend EVER. So there was little doubt a new one would appear.

I mean, I’m not a fan ofdriving films, but Fast 5 was the closest the franchise has gotten to being an actual film franchise, as oppose to just a series of drag races shown back-to-back. So, actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing a sixth one to see if they can continue the trend of improving upon the absolutely abhorrent reboot of the franchise from a few years back.

Oh, and as a treat, I’ll try and post my Fast 5 review later today. But I am on a family day out, and then another 3 hour gym session, so no promises that it won’t arrive until late tonight! Enjoy your day whatever you’re up to!

Buff Review Show *distracted by a ball of yarn*

I’m not overly fond of animated sequels…

And now, with ‘Puss In Boots 3D’, arriving in November, we have found our first (I think) Animated-Spin-Off. Initially, when this was announced at the start oIANFf the year, I was incredibly sceptical. However, upon seeing this new trailer, I feel a bit more comfortable of the idea. Although Zak Galifianakis is voicing Humpty Dumpty in this, so if the whole shindig turns out to be a PG version of The Hangover I shan’t be impressed…

The film has more of a feel and flavour of westerns and the Zorro films that have inspired the character of Puss, (and, of course, in which Antonio Bandares once starred) as oppose to the pure fantasy and fairy tale themes that ran through the Shrek saga.

It was originally planned as one of those straight-to-DVD films, but after the release of the third film the direction changed, as it was set to be a full release. Antonio Bandares commented, after the release of Shrek Forever After last year, that he had completed his voice work for the film.

Full trailers are expected to be shown during the summer before most other animated and children’s films released. Check out the latest trailer below.

Buff Review Show goes Mad for Muppets!

Muppets were a big part of my childhood. If there was a TV show or film or game or toy made by Jim Henson that I didn’t own, well it didn’t exist! And now, with mixed delight, a new revamped and hopefully rejuvenated team are back, bringing the Muppets into 2011!

There was a teaser trailer out two weeks ago, but the full trailer has recently been released online! Thought I’d post it up here as I got a good reaction to the Harry Potter Trailer I posted earlier this week.

Buff Review Show- Dealthy Hallows and Fond Farewells

The FINAL teaser trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has been released! I. Can’t. Wait.


Buff Review Show and the Minor Rant at Square-Enix

Oi! Squeenix! Me. You. By the flag pole. 3pm.

I shan’t launch into an all-out tirade, as I have mentioned this topic plenty in recent posts/bulletins, but when news surfaced after the unveiling of the WiiU at E3 this week that Square Enix would consider bring the Final Fantasy series back to a Nintendo home console properly (after the somewhat abhorrent Crystal Chronicles spin off for the Wii), and support the WiiU upon it’s release next year, the temperature of my blood may not have quite reached boiling point, but was verging on going from “tepid” to “broiled”…


Erm… Don’t mean to interrupt you Squeenix, but isn’t there the somewhat unfinished matter of The Last Story for the Wii? You’ve teased NA and Europe with the usual “possible release date coming soon” bollocks, and now you’re already discussing full WiiU support? COME ON! Unless you’ve developed some sort of crippling allergy to money and success, which, based upon the umpteen re-re-re-releases of most games in the FF catalogue over the years, seems unlikely, what REALLY is the point of not releasing one of your best selling games for the Wii outside of Japan?

Are we seriously in the position where Final Fantasy 13-2 might just be released in the west before The Last Story? Really? -.-;;

Buff Review Show and the Busy WE3k Ahead…

Sometimes I wonder why I haven’t become Supreme Emperor of the Universe yet…

Right, E3 starts tomorrow, and I am working for a number of sites, including myself, on different aspects of the expo over the course of the next five days.

For Zero1Gaming, which I co-own and produce content for, I will be tweeting LIVE as the conferences stream online (I’m not at E3 this year before anyone else asks, if I go next year I will bring back all the free crap I can carry!) via my own twitter handle: @buffreviewshow. I will do this on Day 1 and Day 2, providing commentary on the Big 3 conferences, as well as important info from the Ubisoft/EA sessions. There will be daily Round-Up posts on the Zero1Gaming site and all the links can be found flying around twitter from our legions of fans, so get out there and follow @zero1gaming today!

For gamersdailynews I am assisting the site with posting news bulletins and the like, over the course of the four days the E3 and conferences are happening. Follow the site on twitter @gamersdailynews to see news from E3 as it happens.

Finally, for midlifergamer I shall be providing a commentary piece on the Nintendo conference on Tuesday evening. There will be a post here to link through to it, but follow the site on twitter @midlifegamernet to get the links to any and all E3 news feeds and info.

AND to top everything off, with any down time I get I will be spending some quality time with Dragon Quest VI and plan to review it when I have played through it a lot more. 12 hours in and still in very early stages of the game it seems, so want to get a good 40 hours under my belt for now before I get a review finalised. Also I will post my X-Men: First Class review tomorrow before the E3 madness kicks off.

Right, I think that is everything. If you are reading this please subscribe as I would love to get as much feedback on this week’s work as is possible!

Buff Review Show- “Grant E(3)ternal Rest to E(3)vita”

Quite possibly one of the more obscure titles I’m going to be giving any posts on this blog… Maybe! =P

Check out my latest news post on regarding the new Sony handheld and the speculation regarding a new codename (or indeed, final product name)…

In one week, will we be meeting… Playstation Vita? *dramatic music*

1 week to go. How much more can we possibly stuff into E3 2011?

Buff Review Show- A Final Fantasy (erm… sort of)

Hot Gossip for the London MCM Expo just in! (Glad I sent friends there on my behalf to pick up MY news, oh the power).

The Last Story, SquareEnix’s RPG for the Wii that is practically WALKING to Euopre from Japan, is now confirmed for Europe AT SOME POINT, which is as close to a frickin’ release date as we’re gonna get this side of E3, but at least it might just actually physically exist! (I’m still placing bets on Zelda: Skyward Sword appearing before The Last Story, but we’ll soon see).

A rep read out a statement at the Expo and soon the news spread to twitter and across the internet gaming forums like a Firaga spell over a group of Flan… Erm… I mean… something less FF and nerdy… >.>;;

Moving swiftly on. It is not long till E3 and this is top of the list for news I am looking out for, I will keep you posted on this, and expect my review for Dragon Quest VI in the next few days. There is a lot of talk from the SquareEnix camp at the moment regarding a new MMO being announced during the current fiscal year; will we hear more on this come June 7th?

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