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Buff Review Show RELAUNCHES

On Saturday July 16th! See you there!


Buff Review Show *disengages from iPad*

Huh? What? Oh, cripes, you lot again! Well it would appear the blog hasn’t updated itself in my absence. Rude. Anyway, better get back to work! Will catch up with you all later!

Buff Review Show: “Game On! (and on, and on, and on…)”

Evening readers!

I seem to have been once again bitten by the gaming bug. The mobile gaming bug that is! Currently, I am working my way through the two Dragon Quest games for the DS (review for DQIX en route! Watch this space!), I’ve been playing (a bit) iShot Pirates, and have reviewed it, for my dear friends and fans at (check out my affiliates page). And now I’ve got a fantastic little Castle Defence game for the iPad/iPod/iPhone called War Grimoire (HD version for iPad).

And then Resident Evil: Mercenaries arrives on the scene and my hands go into meltdown! Seriously though, I’ve rarely played this many games at once, if ever, but with them all being more mobile/handheld games, most of which I can just pick up and play for a short time before putting it away again, I seem to be juggling quite well.

Just FYI, my review for War Grimoire HD will not feature directly on my blog, but for (again, see affiliates for more details). This will be similar to what I do for MLG. I review the lovely games that they have provided for me, on their site, but I will link through any reviews back to here for you guys to find!

I’ve got some days off coming up shortly. Next week I am having a catch up radio show, so will be able to play catch up with my blog reviews too. You’ve all been very patient. Unfortunately real world job has been a tad busy this week (major flooding and summer sale launch, very fun), so my focus and time has been spent there.

Right, the iPad has a bit more charge again, back to WG HD!

Buff Review Show has gone off Dragons, is back on Pirates!

I’m a fickle one, see! ;-)

Anyway, just a short post before I go to gym-land. My second game review for Midlife Gamer is now up on their front page, but to go straight to the review click here and it’ll take you right to the page!

Please leave a comment and check out the rest of the site, it’s a great place for everything gaming, so nose around and register yourself if you like!

See you all after my session! Bye!

Buff Review Show is taking a sick day…

Unfortunately I won’t be presenting on the radio today, as am feeling rather under the weather. Sitting in a tiny studio talking for two hours probably won’t do me any good. I hate missing a show, but I don’t want to burn out at the moment. So for anyone who does listen in, you’ll be treated to a repeat of last week’s show.

Anyway, on the bright side it gives me some time to catch up on a few bits and pieces. Long day at work yesterday meant very little chance for posting. So expect the full works today- plenty of reviews, news and bits and pieces!

Right, I’m off for some porridge and a banana. Am watching Another Year, which I missed at the cinema, so am looking forward to chilling out with it for a couple of hours before writing up my missing reviews.


Buff Review Show Needs More Hours In The Day

On another note, why is Johnny English getting a sequel? Answers on a postcard, thanks!

Okay I’m all for Rowan Atkinson being back on screen, and maybe if I rewatched the first film I’d remember it more fondly than I do right now. If I can find it in a bargain bin somewhere I will pick it up and give it a go!

Final gasp: Bridesmaids and Transformers tomorrow! =D

Buff Review Show: Nintend-Nooooooooo! =/

IANFCheck out my quick news post on, just rounding up a couple of news stories from Nintendo!

Haven’t gotten my hands on Kirby’s latest Wii title yet, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, but once I get through my current backlog, I’m gonna give it a whirl!

The news post also contains my blatherings on The Last Story for anyone who hasn’t heard me whine about that game enough recently.

Buff Review Show’s Star Spangled Banter- New Trailer Time!

It isn’t often I get too excited about Superhero movies, particularly not anything tied into the mass of Avenger films. However I will make exception for Captain America, because A) It is the last thread to be put into place ahead of next year, hopefully, and B) Hugo Weaving is in it leading a pack of Cyber-Nazis.

Hugo BLOODY Weaving! It’s about time he returned to the fray, and why not as the baddie in this?

Anyway, here’s the newest trailer, which came out a couple of days ago!

Buff Review Show: Vroom. Boom. Vroom. Zoom. Vroom etc.

It was semi-announced not long after the release of Fast Five/Fa5t/Fast and Furious- Rio Whatever We’re Gonna Call IANFIt Now, but now Universal Pictures have confirmed the release of Fast 6 in 2013, with a tentative release scheduled for late June.

This is no surprise whatsoever. The release of Fast 5 in the US Box Office was the equivalent of releasing an edition of Call of Duty that comes complete with a controller made of breasts. The film gave Universal Pictures it’s biggest opening weekend EVER. So there was little doubt a new one would appear.

I mean, I’m not a fan ofdriving films, but Fast 5 was the closest the franchise has gotten to being an actual film franchise, as oppose to just a series of drag races shown back-to-back. So, actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing a sixth one to see if they can continue the trend of improving upon the absolutely abhorrent reboot of the franchise from a few years back.

Oh, and as a treat, I’ll try and post my Fast 5 review later today. But I am on a family day out, and then another 3 hour gym session, so no promises that it won’t arrive until late tonight! Enjoy your day whatever you’re up to!

Buff Review Show- “Can I… Can I Touch it? Ooooh…”

Yes the iPod Touch is very pretty and shiny, but it is needed for work! I promise.

Okay, mostly work. First new title for me to review on it is iShot Pirates for iPhone, iPad, iPod and so forth. It’s a neat little game but need to spend a bit more time with it. This IANFis a review for MidLifeGamer.Net so will not feature directly on this blog, but I will link through to it.

It’s been quietish on the news front, I am looking to do daily updates of mini-bulletins (like I do on my radio show) and am in the process of planning this out. So every day there will be one main news blog, with a bit of movie news, game news, music news and anything else that might be of interest.

Reviews still to come this week: The Fighter on DVD (I promise this will appear at some point), Bad Teacher and, if I get through some more of it, Dragon Quest IX, and of course the aforementioned iShot Pirates.

Next week is a little quieter on the movie front, as I only need to catch up with Bridesmaids, and then of course Transformers 3 hits down. But there is a lot of new music next week from Beyonce, a live album from Biffy Clyro, and plenty of DVD reviews I can get up as well, including Never Let Me Go, amongst others.

All this and a new 12 hour a week gym regime. Wunderbar.

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