Buff Hosts

I seem to be all over the place now, so here is a handy list of where (and when) you can find me:

– FIrst and foremost, listen to my radio programme “Buff Review Show” on Felixstowe Radio, 107.5fm or via the web http://www.felixstoweradio.co.uk on Thursdays 2pm-4pm, with a repeat of the show being played the following Monday from 6pm-8pm. I always accept song requests for my shows, so wherever you can leave me a message, let me know what you want to here played on the radio, I’ll give you a shout out too!

– Obviously my blog here you know of if you are reading this page. But I am on here every day with at least a blog post or two, and a guaranteed review every day! (Unless I am ill or on holiday or really busy that day… Or not in the mood… Or, well okay a review most days. Maybe.)

– Find my fan page on Facebook at http://facebook.com/buffreviewshow Just click the ‘Like’ button and feel free to drop me a comment or any suggestions for reviews song requests.

– Twitter feed: http://twitter.com/buffreviewshow

– I am also going to be a guest podcaster for http://inretrospectpodcast.com and plan to be on their some time in the near future (will let you know when!)

– And finally, I am now a freelance reviewer for http://midlifegamer.net and my content for them, although exclusive to their site, will be linked through to my blog here and the other Buff locations listed above. Again, watch this space!

That is everything for now, who knows what else might come along! If you want me to write, produce, edit or contribute as a reviewer (for film, music, gaming or whatever’s going) to your website, podcast or internet radio station, drop me a line at jonb_3389@hotmail.com


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