A selection of websites and pages you should visit whom I either work with, or for, or follow myself:– great community radio station, lots of variety and always awesome music!– a great, and fast developing, site to find the cheapest price for games, plus plenty of reviews, news and game-related activity.– fantastic podcast site and absolutely essential to every gamer (plus I might be on it soon!)– another hub for gamers to reviews and discuss anything and everything there is to natter about the gaming industry.– a ‘movie marketing’ site run by a former work colleague of mine, whom you can find on twitter @RossBishop– the ‘Extra Credits’ guys are a true attribute to the gaming industry and are doing what I hope to do too someday; spreading the ideas of gaming as both an education tool, as well as a way of life, and not just an excuse to goof off and mash buttons (although that is kind of fun too, sometimes!)– brand new up-and-coming “audio-blogging” site that get to the topics and the matters at hand quickly and with a great sense of clarity and purpose, started up by a friend of mine and we hope to have some collaboration in the future.


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