Just a few short thank yous:

First and foremost to Bex from Felixstowe Radio (@Chili_Bex), without whom I wouldn’t have gotten a shot at being on the radio, and subsequently being offered a permanent slot to present my li’l radio show. And to the whole team of presenters and volunteers at the Felixstowe Radio station who all work bloody hard (most of the time :D) and with whom I have had the pleasure of working with in my time there.

Secondly, one of my dearest friend’s Laura, a fantastically talented graphic designer, without whom I would have no logo and no name for my show, and came up with something I’m not sure either of us would ever have dreamed would (and still could be) so big and influential on the show’s personality and spirit. And in return, here is a link to her website where you can find out more about Laura and her work (and another chance for you to see my logo plastered everywhere!)

Of course my varying friends and family who have supported me over the years get a mention, clicking ‘Like’ buttons for fan pages, tuning in to hear me talk endlessly about stuff on the radio, and for putting up with my semi-permanent “radio voice”, I give a big thank you and an apology- the radio voice is here to stay and will only get louder!

Next, I have to thank a few of my recent twitter friends whom in recent weeks have helped me meet tons of new people, RTed all my ramblings and posts, and make the great connections which have now provided me with a number of great outlets for Buff Review Show to appear on. So thanks to @xeroxeroxero, @Zero1Gaming, @jesally, @GregGiddens and far too many others to name you all (if I’ve missed anyone let me know!)

And finally, just to anybody who reads my reviews, checks out my fan page and twitter feed, or takes the time to tune in to my radio show and all the other new ventures and hosts Buff Review Show is spreading too, a big thank you for the continued support, and I hope to maintain the friendships and work relationships I have made, and begun to make, with a lot of you. Never change. Stay Buff!


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