The History of Buff

Okay, so it seems this page is being visited pretty regularly in my first week of blogging, so now I have a handful of reviews under my belt let me get this part sorted!

I have always been a fan of all things entertainment. I’ve read since I could hold a book, I’ve gamed since I could waggle a joystick, and I’ve enjoyed films despite being brought up in the early animated Disney days, and being a 90s child hasn’t hurt in the music department, despite Robson and Jerome.

I’ve always been a writer and enjoyed putting thoughts to paper/pixels, but in March 2010 I had the offer to guest with a friend of mine on a local radio station (Felixstowe Radio, 107.5fm and via for a two hour afternoon slot she was covering for a couple of weeks. I was just recently between jobs and thought “why the heck not?” Well as it turned out I had the voice for radio, despite years of jabs towards the face in the similar joke department, and this a radio career was born.

The name was actually created by one of my dearest friends, and graphic designer extraordinaire, whom created the logo and thus the name ‘Buff: The Review Show’, relating to “movie buff” or “film buff”, but allowing me to have fun and play on words with the name when the time called for it.

So I relaunched with a proper name for the show, a Facebook page and some jazzier promos in August of 2010. Since then I’ve gone from having one hour per week, to a two hour show that is repeated one during sociable hours, and overnight during the twilight hours to fill the void, of which I am immensely proud in how it has developed and lead me to where I am today, after a short time in the grand scheme of the entertainment world.

And now, with my co-owned gaming website, as well as a few other hosts for my works (soon to be, anyway, watch this space and visit the new Buff Hosts tab when it appears) I seem to be in a place where I can call myself a “semi-professional radio podcaster freelance reviewer” or something pithier and more concise than that. And who knows where it will take me next.

Thank you for reading, and keep tuned for more links to my varying hosts and more acknowledgements and bits on the tab menu to those who’ve helped me along the way.

And apologies for not filling this space quicker! Point taken!



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