Buff Review Show: Vroom. Boom. Vroom. Zoom. Vroom etc.

It was semi-announced not long after the release of Fast Five/Fa5t/Fast and Furious- Rio Whatever We’re Gonna Call IANFIt Now, but now Universal Pictures have confirmed the release of Fast 6 in 2013, with a tentative release scheduled for late June.

This is no surprise whatsoever. The release of Fast 5 in the US Box Office was the equivalent of releasing an edition of Call of Duty that comes complete with a controller made of breasts. The film gave Universal Pictures it’s biggest opening weekend EVER. So there was little doubt a new one would appear.

I mean, I’m not a fan ofdriving films, but Fast 5 was the closest the franchise has gotten to being an actual film franchise, as oppose to just a series of drag races shown back-to-back. So, actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing a sixth one to see if they can continue the trend of improving upon the absolutely abhorrent reboot of the franchise from a few years back.

Oh, and as a treat, I’ll try and post my Fast 5 review later today. But I am on a family day out, and then another 3 hour gym session, so no promises that it won’t arrive until late tonight! Enjoy your day whatever you’re up to!


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I should probably fill this out at some point tonight, but for now, just imagine a curious mixture of Graham Norton, Stephen Fry and Alan Rickman in a 22-year olds body. On second thoughts, eww... Ok just think of a dog wearing a fez until I get something written here.

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