Buff Review Show And The iPhon(E3)

Well that was was subtle…

Yes readers, I am inducing RSI even faster by bringing this blog post to you via iPhone! This will make life easier when I am at work and Internetless for my laptop! And from one new toy we go swiftly onto the possibility of practically dozens of new toys that will surface next week at E3.

I will give you a full rundown of my E3 plans tomorrow as I am reporting across four websites, including this blog, in a variety of formats so I will advise you as to where you can find me and when. I have been trying to make the most of free time before the expo which is why I’ve been a tad lazy with getting my reviews up!

So before Monday afternoon I will be up to date with my review backlog, and be prepped for E3. Before the expo begins I will summarise any new pre-E3 info we’ve gained since my prediction post last week.

So for now I depart into the night to ice my thumbs and plan my takeover of E3! Night all.


About buffreviewshow

I should probably fill this out at some point tonight, but for now, just imagine a curious mixture of Graham Norton, Stephen Fry and Alan Rickman in a 22-year olds body. On second thoughts, eww... Ok just think of a dog wearing a fez until I get something written here.

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