Buff Review Show: Ask Me Anything… Keep It PG… Some Nudity Advised.

Evening All!

Firstly, big reviews coming tomorrow for X-Men: First Class, Hangover Part 2 and Lego Pirates of the Caribbean! At least two, if not all three, will be posted tomorrow during the day/evening. Might save one for Friday, which will lead me nicely into my Dragon Quest VI review for the weekend (once I find some time to actually play it, only got 10 hours on the clock!)

Secondly, a weekly feature of my radio show (I’m live tomorrow, I hope you’ve all got it booked on calendars/diaries/post-it notes etc.) is my Mailbag section, where I answer questions I get form listeners/fans/friends etc. My pool of questions is running rather dry though, so am I opening the floor to topics and burning questions that you have for me, it can be anything that falls under the wide spectrum that is my show, so films, gaming, books, music and so forth, or even about radio presenting/blogging etc. So leave your question as a comment, or find me on Facebook and Twitter and drop me a line there.

Lastly, big week next week with E3, so the aforementioned Dragon Quest review will probably be the last full review, as next week I will be covering E3 for a number of websites and blogs, including my own, plus I have a concert to go to and a radio show to pre-record AND find the time for some more films and games to play. Crikey I need an assistant… But anyway, I shall try and post retro-reviews to fill in the gaps between E3 blog posts and news, and then normal service will resume again by this time next week/next weekend at the latest.

Right, that’s you all set, if you didn’t already see my No More Heroes review on MidlifeGamer.net you can visit the site and find it on the front page still!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely evening! Two new DVDs just came through the door so expect a few more catch-up reviews on the horizon once I get some spare time to watch them. Night all!


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I should probably fill this out at some point tonight, but for now, just imagine a curious mixture of Graham Norton, Stephen Fry and Alan Rickman in a 22-year olds body. On second thoughts, eww... Ok just think of a dog wearing a fez until I get something written here.

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