Buff Review Show Hits the Polls

New Poll of the Week! And as it is the topic on everyone’s lips at the moments, it seems only fitting to get everyone’s thoughts on Harry Potter. Not many days left until the film is released, and last week we had all-new posters starring the main three cast members, looking grittier than ever, so the countdown really is closing in on us!

So check out the poll guys and girls, and leave your comments too!

I’m off for a spot more Dragon Quest VI, so I shall leave you all to it for the evening!


About buffreviewshow

I should probably fill this out at some point tonight, but for now, just imagine a curious mixture of Graham Norton, Stephen Fry and Alan Rickman in a 22-year olds body. On second thoughts, eww... Ok just think of a dog wearing a fez until I get something written here.

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