Buff Review Show: Uh-Oh-Nintendo-Go-Kart-Woe-Woe?

Ugh, I was hoping this wasn’t the news that was going to darken this day.

As one of the four people in the world not THAT interested with the 3DS remake of Ocarina of Time (I’d’ve been more interested if it had been ready at launch, and quite frankly I’ve grown bored of myself talking about the 3DS’s release games…) there was one glimmering light at the end of the tunnel to get the 3DS back up in my opinion: Mario Kart 3D!

But news from Shigeru Miyamoto’s memo pad of dreams (shared with The Guardian newspaper) sheds some possible darkness on the matter:

“The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time will be released in June, Starfox this summer and Super Mario 3D, which is completely original, is coming this year. I am involved with these titles and Mario Kart.”

The order in which the games are spoken of, by Miyamoto, could indicate that Mario Kart is chronologically coming out LAST of those four games. My presumption could be wrong, but it seems odd that he isn’t listing it amongst the games we know have a “rough” release date. Starfox will likely be August and Super Mario 3D coming in just before the Xmas season. So when would be an ideal time to slip in Mario Kart?

Well not bloody 2012!? We’ve seen shots, levels and playable bits, so what’s the big deal? Release it between OOT and Starfox for those of us interested in neither! Heck I’d happily wait till September/October time if needs be, but with NGP coming near the end of the year, Nintendo needs plenty of releases to keep interest up in the 3DS.


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