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Yes Resident Evil is finally lurching it’s way onto the 3DS, after seemingly an eternity after being announced and already more than two months since the console was released, we are expecting the first of two RE games in the form of Mercenaries, a hodge-podge of levels and characters form the hugely popular arcade style mini-game attached to Resi’s 4 and 5.

But it has just been announced by ONM that producer Masachika Kawata has informed them that a demo for the 3nd of the new RE games, RE: Revelations, will be packaged/included with Mercenaries. It will be brief but will probably act similarly to Metroid Prime: Hunters did for the release of the original DS. An extract from his comments read:

“We have included a very short Revelations demo so you can get the feel of it. The playable character will be Jill Valentine and the game takes place inside a cruise ship liner so she goes into the boat which is like a very eerie type of Resident Evil universe.”

“There isn’t much of a storyline – it’s a very short demo – but you will get a feeling of what Resident Evil Revelations will be like.”

“The script has been fixed and we are full-on developing the game. Revelations will be shown at the Nintendo booth at E3. You’ll have to wait until E3 to find out more but everything is new from the script to the gameplay system and how we’ve developed the game.”

So while we’re still hoping RE:REV will be a Q4 2011 release, I still can’t help but feel that having the demo (and, for that matter, RE:Mercenaries) ready for the launch of the 3DS would have helped my little blue wonder provide me with something more to do than astound friends and colleagues with the AR Games and frighten the cat by recording it’s voice and playing it back to it at a high pitch. £200 well spent.

Oh, and before one more person asks/wonders, Pirates 4 review coming up in the next hour or so.



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